Our Products

At Gayatri Pharma, we concentrate purely on Quality of the Products. Our all products comprises from natural herbals only. We deliver lab tested products. We follow API (Ayurvedic Pharmacopia  of India) testing method.


Indication Preferred Product
Acidity Gesant ChurnaLivok Syrup, Acicuts Syrup
Allergic Bronchitis Kufda SyrupKufda Churna
Arthritis (Osteo) Kastantak CapsuleKastantak Oil
Arthritis (Rheumatoid) ArthagoKastantak Oil, Gesant Churna
Boils & Skin Infectious Diseases Clean-UP SyrupDermoher
Bad Breathe Gayatri Gum Massage PowderGargo-G Liquid
Constipation Kabjkesri ChurnaKabjeenol Churna
Cough / Allergic Cough / Smokers Cough Kufda SyrupKufda Churna
Cracks Killcuts
Dandruff Gayatri Herbal OilClean-UP SyrupHairdon
Diabetes / Sugar Level Control Gudwin ChurnaGudwin Capsule
Dental Problems / Tooth Sensitivity / Tooth Erosion Gayatri Gum Massage PowderGargo-G Liquid
Gastric Problems Gesant ChurnaLivok Syrup
Gum Diseases Gayatri Gum Massage PowderGargo-G Liquid
Gout ArthagoGesant Churna
Hair Care / Hair Loss Gayatri Herbal OilClean-UP SyrupHairdon
Hemorrhoids PilorestKabjeenol Churna
Hepatitis Livok Syrup
Loss of Hunger / Appetite Krumik SyrupLivok SyrupGrownytone Syrup
Indigestion Kabjkesri ChurnaLivok SyrupAcicuts Syrup
Joints Pain Kastantak OilKastantak Capsule
Jaundice Treatment Livok Syrup
Kidney Stone (up to 8 mm) Urinofly Syrup
Leucorrhea Lucoher
Liver Disorders / Hepatotoxicity Livok Syrup
Weakness Recovery / Muscles Protective Grownytone Syrup
Muscles Stiffness Kastantak OilKastantak Capsule
Muscular Pain Kastantak OilKastantak CapsuleGrownytone Syrup
Oliguria Urinofly Syrup
Piles PilorestKabjeenol Churna
Pimples Clean-UP Syrup
Pyorrhea Gayatri Gum Massage PowderGargo-G Liquid
Skin Allergic Disorders / Skin Itching / Skin Rashes Clean-UP SyrupDermoher
Ulcer / Mouth Sores Gayatri Gum Massage PowderGargo-G Liquid
Urinary Track Infection / Burning Sensation of Urine Urinofly Syrup
Vaginitis / Vaginal Discharge Lucoher
Worms / Worms Related Problems Krumik Syrup